„ STUDIO K „ d.o.o., Palmoticeva 29, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia, Tel: +385 1 617 60 10, fax. +385 1 611 87 40, e-mail: studiok@studiok.hr


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Studio K
About us

Founded in 1991 by BA.Sc. Velimir Kazić, Studio K is an office for designing all kinds of supporting structures of concrete and steel.

Director and owner of Studio K is also an leading engineer and he is autorized to control structures of concrete and brick. As a structural engineer he works 35 years and for more than 22 years in Studio K. Velimir Kazić has designed more than 1,500,000 m2 structure, of which over a third is made in his office.

Employees are certified engineers with specialization in all phases of design and execution of structures (preliminary, main and detailed designs and supervision).

Studio K also offers:

expert opinions on condition of existing structure

consulting on improving

projects to strengthen the structure

opinion about a possible reduction in the cost using some of the alternative solutions

supervision of construction

„ STUDIO K „ d.o.o., Palmoticeva 29, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia
Tel: +385 1 617 60 10, fax. +385 1 611 87 40
e-mail: studiok@studiok.hr
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